"Success stories"

"Rubén Núñez has an excellent talent for giving lectures where he knows how to take the audiences to analysis and reflection, and in this contemporary context that needs speakers of reason and deepening, Rubén is undoubtedly a response." Jesús Saldaña Academician UNIVA and Political Analyst of the General Secretariat of the Government of the State of Jalisco. Mexico.

"Rubén Núñez is a full professional with deep knowledge in the complex process of giving clear lectures in different languages, it was a pleasure to work with him". Ellen Siminoff Former Vice President of YAHOO and Executive President of Shmoop and "

"Rubén Darío Núñez, a professional, ethical, international quality at the service of the world, a true brother and friend Dr. Jorge Rivero Executive President of the World Network of Speakers based in Germany". "

"Rubén Núñez is a great speaker who transmits knowledge and values ​​in an eloquent way, admirable as he combines objectivity to discuss current issues with applications for daily life Dr. Roberto López Tamayo Researcher Institute for Juvenal Research Chicago IL, USA"

"I highly recommend Rubén Núñez to give conferences and entrepreneurship workshops, he is a great motivational educator and mentor in a wide variety of disciplines including leadership, multicultural exchange, and business, he is very creative and empathetic and also a person very inspiring, not only does she have the ability to positively impact others, but she also has the knowledge to help others improve in their lives. " Dr. Michael Durkee. Lawyer. NOSSAMAN, San Francisco CA, USA.

"I want to comment that while Professor Rubén Núñez was teaching in the faculty of our university, he proved to be a responsible, professional and ethical person, an expert in the area of ​​values ​​and the integral development of the person". Guillermo Alonso Velasco Executive Rector Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2004.

"I have the pleasure of recommending Rubén Núñez as a motivational professional speaker for the areas of entrepreneurship, business, personal development, leadership and values, he has brilliant qualities as an exhibitor, very organized and his presentations are of high quality. that transmits enthusiasm and confidence, for me it is undoubtedly an exceptional speaker ". Alfredo González Hernández Founder and Executive Chairman of AGH, Findlandia

"Rubén Darío Núñez, an appropriate man, with extraordinary restlessness that has led him to continually improve himself and to work decisively in the growth of others, I am sure that everyone who attends his lectures will be with a renewed head and heart" . Norma E. Martínez Guzmán. Federal Deputy for Social Encounter. Chamber of Deputies of San Lázaro. Mexico.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Rubén Núñez widely as a lecturer, motivator and trainer in values, his career has impacted many where he has presented." Eduardo Jáuregui Huerta. Businessman and partner of the Don Valente Tequila Group. Arenal, Mexico

Rubén Núñez is ideal to provide professional training for your company with a view to improving the performance of its staff for the following reasons: 1. His humanistic, ethical and intellectual intellectual formation in Mexico, Austria and the United States that makes him a clear entrepreneur and motivator with high preparation. 2. Your multi-labor experience in production, stores, warehouses, factories, automotive, banks, cruise ships, schools, universities, consulates, churches, community centers, nursing homes, museums, etc. make it a person who knows the world in depth and their needs in an extensive and diverse way. 3. International speaker. Rubén Núñez has already lived in 3 countries: Mexico, Austria and the United States. The word border does not exist in your personal dictionary. As an immigrant and successful educator, it tends by nature to motivate audiences to excel despite walls, barriers and borders. 4. Ameno: The touch of joy and relaxation but with great depth are hallmarks of its courses and conferences.

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